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The Cathcart Street Practice

The Cathcart Street Practice

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Contraceptive Services








We fit all types of long-acting reversible contraception

  • Extremely reliable
  • Contraception from 3-10 years depending on device
  • Easily fitted
  • Book a telephone call to discuss today
  • Coils/IUS/IUD fitted by Dr Shearer and Sister Lydon. Please ask for a 20 minute ‘coil’ appointment
  • Nexplanons (‘the rod’) fitted by Sister Lydon or Nurse Brown. Please ask for a 20 minute ‘Nexplanon’ appointment
  • Nexplanons removed by Sister Lydon or Nurse Brown. Please ask for a 20 minute ‘removal’ appointment. Please book a telephone call to discuss first.
  • Both coils and Nexplanons can be removed and a new one fitted during the same appointment.
  • No more missed pills ever again!




More on the Mirena coil:

  • The Mirena coil (IUS) can be used as part of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Can be used for 7 years from the age of 45 taking you through the menopause.
  • Also regularly used for the treatment of heavy and painful periods.






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