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The Cathcart Street Practice

The Cathcart Street Practice

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House Visits - 264051

House visits are for patients who are completely housebound or too ill to come to the surgery as a result of their illness. House visits use up a lot of a GP's time travelling to and from the patients. A doctor can generally see about 3-4 patients within the surgery in the time it takes to visit one patient and also have immediate access to all of your notes and to more effective equipment within the surgery.


Please keep the following points in mind when requesting a house visit:

  • Please try to request a home visit before 10 am as this will allow the doctors to plan their visit route and ensure prompt attention to the patient.   
  • Please ensure that you provide the correct address for the visit, especially if the address is not the one at which the patient is registered.   
  • Please do not request house visits due to lack of transportation. Try to get help from your family members where possible. In addition please be aware of the MyBus Service
  • Children generally do not require house visits. If your child has fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or rash, coming to the surgery will not do him/her or others any harm.

The receptionist will ask you for details of your illness before booking you in for a triage call with one of our Practice Nurses who will assess your situation.  When the nurse calls please supply them with as much detail as possible as this will enable them to triage your call as effectively as possible and, if a house visit is required, will allow the GP to plan their visit list prioritising patients most in need.


You should consider calling 999 for an emergency ambulance in the following circumstances:

  • Sudden onset chest pain
  • Collapse
  • Possible stroke
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Severe head injury or any significant injury
  • Continuous fit
Request a house visit only if the patient is unable to attend the surgery on medical grounds.

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