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The Cathcart Street Practice

The Cathcart Street Practice

national health service
For updates on Coronavirus see our 'News' section
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( posted on Aug 19, 2020 )

Seasonal Flu Programme

We are hoping to start the flu programme in October, we will contact eligible patients as soon as we have more information.

COVID 19 ( posted on Jul 23, 2020 )

The practice has remained open and continued to provide medical services however we have had to introduce new ways of working.


To maintain staff and patient safety we will continue to reduce footfall in the practice by:

  • triaging all appointment and house visit requests.
  • continuing to send prescriptions to your nominated pharmacy.
  • e-mail fit notes to your personal e-mail address.

We understand that some patients may be anxious about coming to the practice but we have taken every possible step to reduce risks. A screen has been fitted at the reception desk, we intoduced a one way system, social distancing is in place and there are less seats in our waiting areas. To reduce the time you are in the surgery please do not arrive too early for your appointment and attend on your own if possible.


We have provided hand sanitiser and ask that you wear a face covering or mask.


Thank you for your continued support through these unprecedented times.

FACE COVERINGS ( posted on Jul 10, 2020 )

Sealed From Friday 10th July, it has become mandatory to wear face coverings in shops in Scotland, the same as when travelling by public transport. We would kindly ask that you also take this approach when entering the surgery building. Sealed


Smile Just like our team, remember to wear your face covering and keep up your social distancing! Smile

SOCIAL MEDIA ( posted on Apr 30, 2020 )

Please find our brand new pages on both Facebook and Twitter! Just search for us 'Cathcart Street Medical Practice' and follow to hear all of our latest practice news, as well us updating you on all local and national health issues!

( posted on Mar 25, 2020 )




The surgery is seeing a significant increase in precscription requests. The pharmacies are becoming overwhelmed and some supplies are running low. Please do not order repeat medications early, any requests requested more than 1 week before due date will not be processed. Do not request medication just in case. Thank you


( posted on Mar 22, 2020 )

Useful Information:


Top 10 tips for people with Crohn's disease and UC during the COVID-19:



Advice about working for those with long term conditions:



Latest advice for people with Asthma: 






( posted on Mar 17, 2020 )





When ordering prescriptions via the answer machine please nominate a pharmacy so that your prescription can be sent direct to them.





Coronavirus ( posted on Mar 15, 2020 )


If you have symptoms of Coronavirus (cough, fever, shortness of breath) please DO NOT attend the practice. Telephone the practice or 111 for advice.



To ensure staff and patient safety during the Coronavirus outbreak, the way we normally offer appointments is temporarily changing.


As the Pandemic is causing disruption to services we would be grateful if you would avoid attending the surgery unless it is necessary. We will still see patients, however, everyone will be triaged over the telephone before an appointment is given.


As we anticipate a reduction in workforce, for the time being we are putting chronic disease annual reviews on hold.


You can find the most up to date information about Coronavirus on www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus

We would appreciate your co-operation in helping us manage this global pandemic.

Coronavirus ( posted on Mar 10, 2020 )

Coronavirus  Advice for patients

How to avoid catching infections like coronavirus

You can reduce your risk of getting and spreading respiratory infections by:

  • avoiding direct hand contact with your eyes, nose and mouth
  • maintaining good hand hygiene - washing hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser:
    • after coughing or sneezing
    • after going to the toilet
    • before eating and drinking
  • avoiding direct contact with people that have a respiratory illness and avoiding using their personal items such as their mobile phone
  • covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with disposable tissues and disposing of them in the nearest waste bin after use

Treatment for coronavirus

Currently, there is no vaccine and no specific treatment for the virus. If you have symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who has the condition please do not come to the practice. Self-isolate at home and phone the surgery for advice.  If you need advice out of normal surgery hours phone 111.


To help us to keep patients and staff safe we have suspended on-line appointment booking.  This will allow us to triage patients safely.

We will reinstate on line booking as soon as it is safe to do so. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline

If you do not have symptoms and are looking for general information, a free helpline has been set up on: 0800 028 2816.

The helpline is open:

  • Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 10.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Practice Changes ( posted on May 30, 2019 )

Dr Shearer will be retiring at the end of March 2020. She will be greatly missed in the surgery.


From April 2020, Dr Laura McCusker will be joining the practice. Dr McCusker was here as a registrar in 2018 and will be a great addition to the practice team. She will work full days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



( posted on May 21, 2019 )


GP services across Scotland are changing


GP services across Scotland are changing to make sure you get to see the right person, at the right time in the right place. Our aim is to provide safe, effective, person-centred, sustainable health care services at the heart of communities for the people of Ayrshire and Arran.

                    For more information click on the link below.





( posted on Aug 29, 2018 )

Our appointment system is changing

From 5th November 2018 we will be implementing a new appointment system to try to improve our services to patients.


We will no longer book GP appointments 4 weeks in advance.


In line with these changes, as of Monday 5th November advanced appointments with our GP’s will only be available to book 3 weeks in advance. We believe this will benefit our patients in the following ways:

  • A reduction in our current ‘did not attend’ (DNA) rates and appointment wastage.
  • Shorter waiting times to see a GP.


Urgent/Same Day Appointments:


The system for accessing these appointments will remain the same, be sure to inform the Receptionist straight away that an urgent/same day appointment is required. These are available each day for patients whose medical condition requires urgent treatment and cannot reasonably wait for a routine appointment. The Receptionist will ask you for brief details of your symptoms. You will then be put into the queue for a triage call with one of our Nursing team. They will then call you on the provided number to assess your needs and decide the best course of action.


Please note that none of the above changes will affect the way in which Nursing and Healthcare Assistant appointments are currently booked.


Mondays and Fridays are usually our busiest days – if you do not need to be seen urgently you may prefer to choose a different day to contact us.


GP appointments can now be booked online: https://patient.emisaccess.co.uk/



OFFER OF SHINGLES VACCINE ( posted on Aug 3, 2018 )



Shingles (also known as herpes zoster) can be a very painful nerve and skin condition and is more common among older people.  There is now a vaccine that can reduce your chance of getting shingles, or, if you do get shingles, it can reduce how severe or long lasting the symptoms can be.


Like most vaccinations, it will be given as an injection in your upper arm.  This is a one-off vaccine and you do not need to get it more than once in your lifetime.


Limited supplies have been made available to GP Practices to immunize specific groups of patients. To find out if you are in one of the specific groups or for further information please visit www.shinglesaware.co.uk 

Midwife Antenatal Clinics ( posted on Sep 12, 2017 )

As from Monday 2nd October 2017 the Midwife will hold her antenatal clinics at North Ayr Health Centre, 26 Glenmuir Place, Ayr, KA8 9RS. Please phone 01292 264051 option 2 to book appointments.

( posted on Sep 7, 2017 )

( posted on Sep 7, 2017 )

( posted on Sep 7, 2017 )

Ayrshire Life

Appointments. ( posted on Jul 11, 2017 )

With Patient Access, you can now view, book and cancel appointments from home, work or on the move – wherever you can connect to the internet. What’s more, because Patient Access is a 24 hour online service – you can do this in your own time, day or night.

To register for this service you will need to complete the Patient Access Request Form which is available from reception.

Cancer Social Support Group ( posted on May 2, 2017 )

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